Reed & Sullivan Sign Letters of Intent

This morning at Spring Hill School, two senior athletes signed to play softball with two separate colleges. Raley Sullivan committed to the Rockets at SAU Tech and Brooklyn Reed committed to the Muleriders at SAU in Magnolia.

Both girls have had a bat, ball and glove in hand since they were very young and are known for their hard work, determination and skill on and off the field. Reed, #24 for Spring Hill, also known as “Boomer” on the diamond is a utility player and a catcher. She is notorious for her strength, a cannon arm and never hesitating to throw runners out. Sullivan, #32 for Spring Hill is a pitcher, mans 2nd base but can also fill any spot on the field. She is known for her encouragement to teammates, anticipating the next play and always looking for a way to steal a base.

“For an athlete to get to this point, they have to be in the top five to seven percent of athletes in the nation so congratulations to both of you for making the cut. This is a very big accomplishment and it’s something not to be taken lightly because it doesn’t happen very often,” SAU Tech Coach Phillip Diehl said.

Reed is the daughter of Alecia and Robin Reed and Sullivan is the daughter of Christi and Monty Sullivan.

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