“REHEARSAL: The Show” – One Night Only

Hope, Ark. – Southwest Arkansas Arts Council and Hempstead Hall have partnered to bring an original stage performance to southwest Arkansas. “REHEARSAL: The Show” will be performed one night only in the Hempstead Hall Theater on Friday, March 13 at 7:00 pm. 

The play, which was written and produced by SWAAC members John Hollis, Lindsey Honea, Amanda Lance and Jennifer Wright, follows a group of actors, musicians, singers and dancers as they get ready for their grand debut. The cast is a collection of performers from all over the region and range in age from 6 years old to “mature adult.” This will be the first of many productions from the newly-formed theater troupe, the SWActors Guild.

“There truly is something for everyone,” says Honea, SWAAC’s Vice President and Hope native. “The talent in our corner of the state is amazing, and the awesome thing is, this is only a fraction of the performers who have been interested. It makes me happy to see so much interest in the performing arts and excited to see what else the SWActors will be able to stage.”

Wright, who is a Nashville native and the Director of Student Relations for the University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana, says “I’m excited for the community to see the talents of Southwest Arkansas showcased in this first performance of the SWActors Guild.  The Theater Committee of the Southwest Arkansas Arts Council made every effort to create an original production based on the skill, aptitude, and enthusiasm shown by the cast.  I think we’ve put together a charming and entertaining celebration of our community, but there’s only one chance to see it on March 13th, 2020!”

“Hempstead Hall exists to serve the community in many ways, and I’m thrilled that we are able to use our team’s talents and assets to entertain the community through this production,” says Lance, Director of Hempstead Hall and SWAAC Board member. “I never imagined that ‘writing a play’ would be something I would ever attempt, but it has been amazing working with Jennifer, John and Lindsey to create something so special. I am especially proud that we have been able to bring together a cast with diverse talents and have worked to seamlessly tailor this eclectic production to them.  Where else would you expect to hear ‘For He is an Englishman’ and the ‘Cupid Shuffle’ performed in the same show?”

Hollis has previously written two original plays for SWAAC and fans can look forward to spotting his well-written wit among the dialogue.

Tickets for “REHEARSAL: The Show” are only $5 and can be purchased in advance at the Hempstead Hall front desk, or by calling 870.722.8565 during regular business hours.  Tickets may also be purchased the day of the show at the Hempstead Hall Box Office beginning at 6:00 pm when the doors open.

The Southwest Arkansas Arts Council (SWAAC) has been a staple in southwest Arkansas for over 30 years.  The Arts Council was formally founded in 1986 and has operated as one of Hempstead County and the surrounding area’s primary sources for cultural enhancement.  SWAAC sponsors a wide variety of educational opportunities, cultural experiences, and as a source of artistic expression for local artists.  Those years of purposeful service have established the Arts Council as a primary source for multidisciplinary cultural programming, professional performances, art-in-education classroom enhancements, gallery exhibits, after-school programming, public art projects and participation in community celebrations, causes, and partnering organizations.

For any questions about SWAAC, Hempstead Hall, the SWActors or “REHEARSAL: The Show,” please contact Amanda Lance at [email protected] or 870.722.8565.

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