Republican US Senate candidate Jan Morgan hits Boozman and Bequette hard at local party meeting

During her appearance at the Hempstead County Republican Committee’s April meeting Thursday night, US Senate candidate Jan Morgan, who is vying for the Republican nomination in a May 24 primary, sent barbs at two of her opponents and touted her work as an activist for conservative causes.

Arriving at the Amigo Juan meeting room around 7:15, Morgan quickly took the microphone for what turned out to be a 94-minute talk, which included about half an hour of answering questions from the media and other attendees.

Morgan began by saying she had received the endorsement of Mike Flynn, the retired army general who was briefly former President Donald J. Trump’s National Security Advisor.

Morgan called Flynn a “national hero,” and recounted a conversation she had with Flynn.

“He said Jan, we don’t have time to wait until another president is elected. We’ve got a year maybe a year and a half before we completely lose this country. And that is why he has made it his goal to travel around the country and meet candidates and find the candidates that he knows will be the kind of Christian conservative warrior that we need in DC.  General Flynn is a Christian conservative. And the number one prerequisite and he’s looking for in a candidate is, are you a Christian? Do you have a personal relationship with Christ? And yes, I do.”

Morgan also said she had the endorsement of Republican presidential advisor Roger Stone and had appeared on Stone’s show on Wednesday.

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Morgan said that she had been flown to Republican activist and guitar rocker Ted Nugent’s ranch, where Nugent hosted several other Republican candidates to decide which he would endorse. “at the end of that time period, he announced whether or not he would endorse us in our race, so it was quite an honor to get his endorsement. I’m very proud of that.”

While Morgan said she really enjoyed being an “NRA, USCCA and Arkansas State Police certified firearms instructor,” especially to enhance the safety of women, at her Gun Cave Firing Range in Hot Springs, she has had to close it and sustain monetary losses because she could find no one else in Arkansas willing to act to prevent the passage of what she considers bad legislation in the Arkansas capitol and in Washington DC. She said she is running for US Senate now because none of the other Republican candidates were willing to make the stands needed to protect the country.

“This is not a time for go along to get along good guys in DC. We are in a war, folks, for this country.” Morgan said. She specifically named the country responsible for this war. “What is attacking our country is China,” Morgan said. “But what they are doing is attacking us from within without even using any military weapons. They’re using our bought and paid for politicians.”

She then criticized the Republican incumbent John Boozman for his part in helping to certify the election of President Joe Biden, who Morgan said actually lost the election: “He’s certified a fraudulent election. I don’t care what you say that you cannot convince me that 80 million people in America were so excited about voting for Joe Biden that they went to the polls to elect him when he stayed most of the time in his basement.”

She also cited Boozman’s remarks made last year that former President Trump could be prosecuted for his role in the events of January 6th, based on Boozman’s statements in a Democrat Gazette story from Feb. 12, 2021 upon acquitting Trump after his second impeachment trial. “That’s the day I said, ‘Senator I’m coming after your job. You have forgotten who you are, and who you work for.’

Boozman voted for 21 years for “appropriation bills that include funding for Planned Parenthood. When I get elected not a cent of taxpayer money will go to facilities that provide abortions,” Morgan said. Congress is prevented by the Hyde Amendment from directly funding abortions.

She said Boozman’s “most egregious vote,” was to confirm Pete Buttigieg–she pronounced his name “Pete Booty-judge”–for secretary of transportation. Another of Boozman’s confirmation votes went to Linda Thomas Greenfield for UN ambassador, who Morgan said was “an America hating America last racist America apologist.”  She told the audience to go to a video by a conservative media outlet to learn more about her alleged statements that the US founding documents were shaped by white supremacy.

Morgan told the gathering that Boozman had not been to the Southern border and quoted him calling the conditions there “a disturbing trend.” She called the conditions a national security crisis for which President Biden should be tried for treason.

Addressing one objection by Boozman voters to his ouster, Morgan said Boozman’s ranking membership of the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee was not a reason to keep him. She said during Boozman’s tenure, the amount of American land owned by foreign nationals had risen to 35.2 million acres.

 “Now, why did he do something about that? Why didn’t he try to do something about that? Because he’s not a leader. He’s waiting for somebody else to folks, you don’t have to be a farmer. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand why foreign nationals owning America’s farmland is a huge national security risks. Control the food. Control the people.” Morgan said, then promised if she became a senator to lead legislation to reclaim foreign-owned land.

Turning to Jake Bequette, who she called a “spoiler in the race,” she said she had problems with his candidacy over discrepancies about Bequette’s military service claims on his website and his benefitting from a million-dollar donation from Chicago billionaire Richard “Dick” Ellis Uihlein to a Political Action Committee now running ads for him on television.

She said such cases, including Boozman’s taking “a nice chunk, a donation from Pfizer,” led her to the conclusion campaign finance reform was needed. “So folks, you know, we need campaign finance reform, this has got to stop. We have to stop the practice of being able to buy political seats. Jake should not have taken that money. That’s another stab at his integrity.”

The US could solve its own and the world’s inflationary fuel cost crisis by “opening the Keystone XL pipeline and all American pipelines,” a proposal she said would “immediately crush the Russian economy.”

She said it was hard to judge whether Russia is “doing the right thing,” since the media is so untrustworthy. She said media untruth was the reason she had retired from working for television media after being a longtime investigative reporter in the Ark-La-Tex area.

Endorsing the idea of military veterans being given a card entitling them to free health care at any facility, Morgan said she did not want veterans now to suffer from a lower standard of health care received at Veterans Administration clinics and hospitals while the VA is reformed.

During the question and answer session, Morgan detailed her relationship with Arkansas Secretary of State John Thurston, who she says has a tough job to “straighten out a mess” in election administration across the state are struggling with mandates not accompanied by state funding.

She described an occasion when something “they called a Election Integrity bill” which was being advanced by Senators Brianne Davis, Bart Hester and Jane English “with Clarke Tucker and a few Democrats” was stopped when Jan Morgan got the attention of Hester by using her cell phone to go on Facebook live to her 1.5 million followers to show them the bill was being rushed through without a committee vote. Her objection to the bill was that it would expand the early voting period, which was out of conformity with former President Trump’s America First plan. On seeing her, Morgan said, Bart Hester signaled that the bill should be pulled.

“We know that the longer people are allowed to vote, the more likely there will be irregularities,” she said. Morgan promised to bring her method of “going to war” against bad legislation to the US Senate.

Hope businessman, part owner of and Gulf War veteran Mark Ross pointed out the lack of VA outpatient clinic in Hempstead County and that he had heard from another veteran who said he called the VA’s suicide help phone line only to find it busy.

Morgan said an organization called We Are the 22 had saved 44,000 lives in Arkansas alone. She recommended its services.

Another veteran, Jim Lively, asked Morgan her stance on term limits. She said she had signed the pledge to support them and that the framers of the Constitution had not intended Congress “to be a retirement home.” If she were to win and come to the end of her first term, Morgan said she would try to determine whether a trustworthy candidate emerged to replace her before deciding to run again. She also said Congress should spend less time in session.

Another questioner asked Morgan to further explain what specific campaign finance measures she supported. She acknowledged she had not given the issue much thought versus the imperatives to close the US southern border and have Anthony Fauci fired and tried for his crimes.

She did say she favored limits to the amounts of money candidates could raise and could spend on advertising, lowering the fees required of candidates by parties in order to run for office and the provision of free airtime to candidates. She also said debates should be required of all candidates. Boozman had refused to debate her, she said, because he knew she would ask him questions about what he is doing.  She said Bequette, her other opponent, had forbidden recordings to be made at his events.

Les Patterson, a civil engineer, asked Morgan to comment on whether the January 6th events were truly illegal. Morgan replied that she had been in DC that day and had not heard any talk from her fellow audience members at then President Trump’s speech about carrying out a violent attack on Congress. She said charges that Trump’s speech incited the events were unfounded.

After her talk Steven Crowell, candidate for the Arkansas Senate representing Hempstead, Nevada and other Southwest Arkansas counties now held by Charles Beckham spoke to say he would be more available to constituents than his opponent.

The Hempstead County Republican Committee meets on the third Thursday of every month at the Juan Amigo’s restaurant meeting room. Early voting in the Arkansas party primaries begins May 9th. Election Day is May 24th.

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