Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at The Hempstead County Republican Party

The Hope/Hempstead County Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon cutting today for The Hempstead County Republican Party located in Historic Downtown Hope next to Tailgaters.

Red and blue signs, decor and gear lined the walls and tables inside and outside of the establishment, displaying the slogan Trump 2020.

Many republican supporters gathered inside to rally for their presidential re-elect.

Mayor Steve Montgomery said a few words before the ribbon was cut, “It is great to see The Hempstead County Republican Party having their shop open now. For the most part Hope and Hempstead County has always been able to come together, discuss the issues civilly, properly and look at what is out there as far as changes that have been made so I am very proud of the republican party for what they have done for our county and for Hope.”

Mayor Montgomery also spoke about the upcoming election and how important it is to look at facts and look at changes that have happened within Hope and Hempstead county and that the community should make the right decision. “We have a very important election coming up, I hope everyone gets outs, looks at the facts and makes a good decision on it to help our county and our city as well so I am looking forward to that,” Montgomery said.

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