Ribbon cutting for Helpful Things takes place in Hope-Hempstead Chamber offices Thursday

Since Helpful Things LLC is an online business, the Hope-Hempstead County Chamber of Commerce held its ribbon cutting at the Chamber’s offices Thursday morning.

Before the cut was made, owner Benny Kingsby told of how taking Lifevantage supplements helped him heal after a 2019 cancer surgery.  Several times, he said, his wife had to drive him to the hospital for treatment of complications. He said after he made a prayer, “that’s when I was introduced to my sponsor.” His sponsor recommended he take LifeVantage supplements. After a month, he said, his health had improved.

“I decided,” he said, “To become an independent distributor, simply because it helped me. There’s money to be made. But I’m more interested in your life, because I believe if it works for me, it ought to work for somebody else.”

He then introduced Darlene Sorensen who said her son was married to Kingsby’s daughter “We’re all in business together,” she added. 

She explained that when she and her husband were facing health problems and praying for relief, a timely phone call arrived from a Lifevantage representative. “And the very first thing he said are you interested in health, I felt like God was calling me himself with this answer.”

Sorensen gestured toward a display of several Lifevantage cut-outs, bottles and pouches.

“A lot of us take supplements. This is something in a category all its own. It’s called an activator. It’s the only thing in the world like it. And when you take it, it switches. The NRF Two is our main product here. And the NRF Two is a gene pathway in your body. It’s just going to turn that back on, because over time, it slows down. But it is the master detoxer in your body. It’s called your survival genes, and it switches back on your survival genes, and your body will get all of that damage out of the cells. By 90 days, your inflammation in every cell will be down 70 percent. Just think about that. That’s incredible. And so when your body doesn’t have that burden upon it, your body knows what to do, it remembers where to go and how to fix it.” Sorensen said.

After she finished, the visitors to the Chamber office gathered in front of a table of sandwiches, chips and punch for the ribbon to be cut.

The products sold by Helpful Things LLC can be seen on Benny Kingsby’s Life Vantage web page.

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