Robots and Pancakes! Kids’ College Wraps Up Final Session

The UAHT Kids’ College finished its last classes for the summer with some fun, hands-on activities. This week’s fifth and sixth grade students had a number of lessons over various topics, two of which culminated in this afternoon’s Robotics’ Challenge and the Food Fun Cooking. In the robotics class, students spent the week building their own robots, and this afternoon’s event was the chance for the kids to display their robots’ skills and challenge one another over which robots could perform specific tasks. These mini-engineers were so very proud and they thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to show guests, teachers, and other students their innovative accomplishments. Robotics instructor Carol Hendrix praised the success of the class and the hard work of the students. “Kids’ College aims to enrich their program and Robotics is a wonderful teaching tool, especially for those students who are mechanically inclined or hands-on learners,” said Hendrix. “The kids had a great time this week and they were so creative with their ideas.” On the other side of the hall was the Food Fun class where students spent the week learning basic cooking skills, food safety, and etiquette, just to name a few. They ended the week by cooking a dish (pancakes or cookies), cleaning the kitchen, setting the table, and taste-testing their final product. Instructor Terrie James explained the significance of the class and all the fun had this week while in the kitchen with these students. “We want them to understand the basics of cooking,” said James. “If they’re home before mom, there are things they can do to help prep for a meal which will save mom and the family time; plus, it’s so much cheaper than eating out. We’ve had a great time with the kids this week; they were a really good group.” These engaging activities had the students captivated and each child left this week with a little bit more knowledge and a whole lot of smiles. UAHT Kids’ College was a big hit with the kids, proving they could mix it up and bring them a wide variety of lessons to gain their interest, even pancakes and robots! They just have to remember to put the syrup on the right one!  

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