ROC Enterprises receives $40K donation from Tyson Foods of Hope

Pictured are administrators from Rainbow of Challenges, Inc. and Tyson Foods of Hope upon the presentation of a $40,000 donation check. The money has been earmarked to bolster the local recycling program, which has seen a massive increase in cardboard products to be processed. The move is seen as how local businesses have paired to improve the community as a whole.

Press Release: August 4, 2022

By: Scott Jester

HOPE, AR. – There were smiles all around as ROC Enterprises of Rainbow of Challenges, Inc. received a donation check of $40,000 from Tyson Foods of Hope.

The informal presentation was held in the meeting room at the Melon Patch restaurant in downtown Hope and was the result of a co-op between ROC handling the recycling duties of the many cardboard boxes that amass at the Tyson plant located north of Hope.

“This donation will help our recycling program tremendously,” said ROC Enterprises-Day Services Coordinator Michelle Witherspoon. “We have been able to add another (cardboard) baler, so we should be able to catch up on all the cardboard and stay ahead of it.”

Witherspoon is hopeful this connection between ROC and Tyson could serve as an example of businesses helping others in the community in order to improve Hope and surrounding area as a whole.

“Since COVID, we’ve doubled our tonnage of cardboard. So many things are being shipped and the end results are more boxes.

“So, maybe other businesses will become involved and add their support of our recycling program in order to improve our community.

“If we can’t recycle it, the boxes wind up in the landfill.  It’s other businesses investing in a program that will, in turn, help those businesses with a much-needed service.

“And, it all comes back to helping our individuals who have a disability who work here or that we serve. These guys are overjoyed to come to work here daily,” Witherspoon concluded. “They don’t call in sick, they don’t miss days of work. They are dedicated to their jobs and love being here. It tells us there’s a difference between our employees and others.”

Rainbow of Challenges’ CEO Judy Watson echoed Witherspoon. “We are so pleased to receive this donation from Tyson Foods,” she said. “It shows how we are serving the community in a big way through our recycling program and this donation will certainly help with increasing productivity.”

Tyson complex manager Randy King made the presentation of the check and had supportive remarks behind the donation.

“Three years ago, ROC began taking our cardboard after the amount was just overwhelming to the center in Nashville,” he began. “We went to work with Michelle and now we are able to keep it out of the landfill. So, we are keeping it out of the landfill while helping these guys here at ROC.”

“This is an awesome win-win for everyone,” King exclaimed. “The door is always open with us and ROC. It’s a great partnership, one that is great for the community too.”

Rainbow of Challenges, Inc. (ROC) is a private, non-profit, community-based provider of a vast array of supports and services for children and adults with developmental disabilities. Rainbow of Challenges is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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