Rodney Orr Insurance Donates to Hope In Action

Rodney Orr met with Hope in Action #1 and #2 on Thursday morning to present a generous donation from Farmers Insurance.

“These organizations work hard every day, giving Hope to a place we all call home. Thanks to the generosity of Farmers Insurance we were given the opportunity to give back to our community during this time of uncertainty,” Orr stated.

Hope in Action #1, located at 606 W 3rd St in Hope is directed by Mae Dulaney and provides individuals in Hempstead County access to a food pantry and an emergency shelter. Hope in Action hosts 20 beds at this location.

Hope in Action #2, located at 2500 Hwy 67 W is directed by Helen Byres, and provides a safe haven for several individuals.

Hope in Action is committed to integrity. We are grateful for associations with organizations and individuals whose generous donations help alleviate hunger and suffering while instilling hope for the future.

Donations can be made at either location.

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