Rosston Celebrates Dollar General Ribbon Cutting

The people of Rosston are able to cut down on a lot of extra travel these days since they welcomed Dollar General into their town.

Rosston is situated in southwest Nevada County and sits about 20 miles from Prescott, Hope and Magnolia and until the recent opening of the Dollar General, there was no quick runs to the store to pick up something. The opening of the Dollar General means much greater convenience for the people in the area.

The Prescott-Nevada County Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon-cutting Thursday for the newly opened business. Refreshments were offered to those who were on-hand to get some shopping done or to check out the new store for the first time.

Jamie Hillery of the Chamber of Commerce welcomed everyone who was at the ribbon cutting and encouraged them to do some shopping and check out the new store.  Hillery said, “The Chamber and the community are incredibly excited to have the Dollar General in Rosston and are happy to do anything we can do to support our county businesses.”

Mayor Dell Quarles said,  “We are very, very happy to have Dollar General here. This is a big blessing to us.” Mayor Quarles expressed his thanks to Store Manager Sandy Rusher and the Dollar General staff. “You’ve done such a wonderful job and we want to support you 100% because we don’t want to see this Dollar General go anywhere and we’re glad everyone is here to help us celebrate,” Mayor Quarles said.

Store Manager Sandy Rusher thanked the Chamber, Mayor and everyone who attended the ribbon cutting. “We are happy to be here for the community,” Rusher said.

The Dollar General is holding its Grand Opening Saturday and is cooking hot dogs for all the customers. The first 50 customers received $10 gift cards. There are also prizes and drawings throughout the day and the staff is cooking hot dogs for the customers.

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