Rotary hears from HAPS Robotics at luncheon

Kids are team spokespersons at presentation

By Rick Kennedy, managing editor
At a noon luncheon Thursday, the Hope Rotary Club heard a program from team representatives of HAPS Robotics, who discussed their projects and competitions.
The group of four kids, Sergio Martinez, Katie Arroyo, Jaquelin Jimenez, and Courtland Jackson, were presented by their advisor, Carol Hendrix, a Sixth-grade Science teacher at HAPS (Hope Academy of Public Service).
“We were invited to tell about the Robotics program that we had started at HAPS; we are in our third year and we are very excited about it. We have expanded each year with more students than ever,” she said.
The group collectively spoke for approximately 28 minutes about the HAPS Robotics program and showed off four of their “robots.” Two of their creations featured “claws,” and although they were shown, the robots were not turned on or demonstrated during the presentation.
The 26 active student participants are divided this year in to five teams, and the four students at Rotary acted as “team spokespersons,” Hendrix said.
Hendrix said the “spokespersons” typically addressed competition judges, teachers and other people about their projects. Hendrix said that each team had designated “jobs” within the teams.
The four student “spokespersons” coming to Rotary was somewhat considered an extension of their jobs in explaining the projects to an audience.
In other Rotary Club news, the members were reminded of the “Salute to American Veterans” event on Monday at Hempstead Hall; the Rotary Club is one of the five event co-sponsors.

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