Sanders Announces Educators for Sarah Coalition Leadership

LITTLE ROCK, AR – Today, Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced the leaders of Educators for Sarah, a coalition of parents, teachers, principals, and other education experts across Arkansas committed to empowering our students and parents.

These leaders will partner with Sanders in the fight to provide a quality education to every child in Arkansas by improving childhood literacy, empowering parents, closing the achievement gap, and preparing students for the workforce. All parents, teachers, and educators who would like to join Sanders in this mission can click here: sarahforgovernor.com/educators

“I know Sarah is the leader who will create opportunity for all children by ensuring we have high-quality schools, supporting our teachers, and working to improve literacy rates,” said Rep. Sonia Barker, a teacher and coach at Smackover High School. “Sarah is the leader we need paving the way for our students to succeed, and I look forward to partnering with her to unleash our state’s full potential.”

“I am proud to stand with Sarah as she fights for our kids,” said Courtney Watkins, a Jonesboro parent. “Sarah and I are both moms, and we know how important it is for parents to be empowered with options and resources to make the best decisions for their children. I fully support her belief that parents, not the government, make the best decisions for their kids. When Sarah is governor, our kids will be on a path to success, our parents will be in control, and our state will be stronger.”

“I am honored to have these key education leaders and stakeholders standing with me to unleash opportunity for all students,” Sanders said. “Arkansas has finished at the bottom for too long, when I know we have the potential and the capacity to rise to the top. I am thankful for the outpouring of support from educators across the state as we work to empower our people and create a brighter, more prosperous future for Arkansas.”

Coalition Leaders: 

Tracy Adcock: Parent, Roland

Rep. Sonia Barker: Teacher & Coach, Smackover

Stephanie Bierbaum: Teacher, Lake Village

Pat Harris: Retired Teacher, Texarkana / Bryant

Luke Heffley: Educator, Russellville

Katie Hicks: Parent, Little Rock

Gregory Hodges: Special Services Director, Marion

Leigh Keener: Educator, Little Rock

Kristin Morris: Teacher, Hamburg

Gary Newton: President & CEO of Arkansas Learns, Little Rock

Allyson Petty: Principal, Pearcy

Jessica Saum: 2022 Arkansas Teacher of the Year, Cabot

Scott Smith: Arkansas Public School Resource Center (APSRC), Benton 

Kathy Smith: CEO of EdVision LLC, Bentonville

Markesha Spears: Teacher, Pine Bluff

Kevin Tipton: School Board Member, Cabot

Courtney Watkins: Parent, Jonesboro

Jeff Wood: School Board Member, Little Rock

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