Sanders’ issues statement on Arkansas Supreme Court decision

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Today, Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders released the following statement after the Arkansas Supreme Court vacated the order blocking the mask mandate ban:

“The Arkansas Supreme Court’s decision today is a promising first step in upholding the rule of law,” Sanders said. “I promised that when I was elected, Arkansas would not have mask or COVID-19 vaccine mandates and we would not shut down churches and schools because we believe in personal freedom and responsibility. In Arkansas, government will never loom larger than liberty in our lives. Protecting Arkansans and defending their freedoms is my top priority.” 

“I am pleased with today’s decision from the Arkansas Supreme Court,” Attorney General Tim Griffin said. “As a result of today’s decision and the Arkansas Supreme Court’s prior decision on the Preliminary Injunction, once the Supreme Court mandate is issued, there will no longer be any injunctions, permanent or preliminary, in effect. I remain committed to defending the constitutionality of the ban on mask mandates. This is an important victory.”

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