SAY IT, SHARE IT, SHOUT IT! It’s Time to VOTE for Downtown Hope

Put out your signs and spread the word!

The Hope Chamber of Commerce proudly displays their community spirit on the window of the Chamber Offices to promote #VoteHope. The Chamber is asking all businesses and community members to place signs outside their business or on their windows to encourage and remind everyone to Vote 4 Hope every day until May 24.

Historic Downtown Hope has been named as one of 25 quarterfinalists for America’s Main Street Contests!

Voting for the semi-final round started on April 27 and will continue through May 24. With that being said, we are asking the community to get behind us and #VoteHope 25 times a day, every day until voting has ended.

Channel 6 will be in town on Wednesday, April 29 and we really want to show our community spirit.

The Hope Chamber of Commerce is asking everyone to place signs in their windows or outside their business encouraging everyone to #VoteHope!

Say IT and Share IT! Share a picture as you vote! Share it on facebook and tag your friends, the Chamber and SWARK.Today so we can spread the news that you voted!

We have 28 days to rally together to make a difference for our town and play a role in the survival of Main Streets by voting online for HOPE and moving our deserving Main Street one step closer to the cash grand prize of $25,000.

Mayor Steve Montgomery began casting his votes as soon as he heard the news on Monday, “I think this is really great for Hope. The Downtown Network has worked really hard to revitalize our Downtown and I’m excited that we have made it to the semi-finals. It would be great if we can get some of our former Hope residents to vote as well,” Montgomery said, “It’s really neat that we are the only Downtown in Arkansas that made the top 25. We are competing with downtowns in Georgia, Louisiana and other larger cities, so I encourage everyone to spread the word and vote as much as allowed,” he added.

To cast your vote, simply go to America’s Main Street Contest  and #VoteHope. You may vote up to 25 times each day.

Let’s go HOPE!

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