Hope Public Schools

Science Fair at CPS

Students in the Gifted and Talented Program at Clinton Primary School recently completed science fair projects. Participating students from the third grade included Zachery Ross, “Evaporation Effect on High Water Content Produce Juice;” Aiyanah Lloyd, “the Great Cookie Dunk;” and Kaden Smith, “How Does Alka Seltzer React When Added to Oil and Water?” Fourth graders and their projects included, Briza Aguilar, “Fizzle Sizzle;” Elizabeth Bramlett, “Do It Yourself Lava Lamp;” Kenzi Burns, “Gummy Bear Osmosis;” Emahree Muldrow, “Walking Rainbow Experiment;” Emma Montalban, “Rainbow Flowers;” and Penelope Tucker, “The Bubble Bottle.” – Ken McLemore/Hope Public School
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