Scout Troop 5 DeGray Lake Outing

Scout Troop 5 camped at DeGray Lake August 7-9. Staying at the
Ross-Rhodes Scout Reservation near Bismark, the Scouts and family members enjoyed water activities, cooked and had a lot of fun. Assistant
Scoutmasters Donnie Golden and his wife Jerrilynn provided their party barge for the weekend. Assistant Scoutmaster Ed Flagg provided his boat as did Assistant Scoutmaster Dr. Donald Sitzes. Eagle Scout Billy Lafferty brought his three Seadoo personal watercraft.  Lots of tubing, riding and swimming were the highlights of the beautiful weekend. Leadership was provided by Senior Patrol Leader Hunter Mathis, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader Joshua Henley and Scoutmaster Karen Smith.

Assistant Scoutmaster Donnie Golden, his son Eagle Scout Andrew Golden and Assistant Scoutmaster Robert Wright manned the smoker and grill for suppers. The Scouts cooked breakfasts of omelets and French toast. 

Pictureed are (Left to Right): Robert Wright, Hunter Mathis, Ed Flagg, Cody
Golden, Kaden O”Brien, Mary Martinez, Joshua Henley, Betty Wright, Kody
O’Brien, Drake Golden, Mackenzi Golden, Tristan Bunker, Trevor, Billy
Lafferty, Dr. Donald Sitzes, Baker Alexander, Andrew Golden, Drake Mathis,
Ken Shafer, Emma Wright, Tina Kisselburg, Elizabeth Best, Lotus Schmid, Jay Johnson, Zoey Fincher, Sara O’Brien, Kevin O’Brien, Lauri Mathis, Jackie
Kisselburg, Riley Golden, D’Aunna Golden, Elise Golden, Karen Smith,
Jerrilynn Golden, Kimberly McMahan, Harper McMahan, Donnie Golden.

Not Pictured are: Jonathan Smith, Heather Smith, Sydney Smith, Sue Gilbert, Josh McMahan, Gillian Waters, Sam Waters, Brylee Hutson,  and Dr. Lester Sitzes, Scoutmaster

Troop 5 is sponsored by the Century Bible Class of Hope’s First United
Methodist Church. 

If youth between the ages of 11 and 17 are interested in joining the Troop 5
adventure they meet on Tuesday evenings at Huckabee lake from 7-8:30. Next campout is in September and will focus on fishing.

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