Scout Troop 5 Digs Holes for Flag Poles at Camp Preston Hunt

Scout troop 5 of Hope stay two nights at Camp Preston Hunt east of Texarkana on Valentines weekend. The scouts did the precision digging up holes for 3 new flag poles for the Camp Parade Ground Gilwell. The flag poles are arranged in a perfect triangle.

The holes were exactly the same depth with identical diameters of concrete. 1200 pounds of concrete was mixed and used by the Scouts.

That Saturday the temperature never got out of the 20’s. The Scouts persevered and had the project done by late afternoon.

Ed Flagg designed and engineered the project. Danny Golden, Robert Wright, Jay Johnson and Camp Ranger Gus Kisselburg provided the adult work and supervision. All true five scout participated. Girls work carrying 80 pound bags of concrete.

A Baggo tournament was held indoors with Scout Baggo Boards made by Jackie Easterling (Razorback Jack) of Hope.

Danny Golden and scoutmaster Karen Smith worked with the scouts to provide meals for the weekend. Hamburger, pancakes, bacon, smoked chicken, beef ribs, pork ribs, polis sausage, baked beans, corn on the cob, rolls, scrambled eggs, hashbrowns and sausage or enjoyed by the troop. Desserts included blackberry cobbler, ice cream and two birthday cakes for scout mother Betty Wright.

Thanks to Tyson for donating the chicken.

Scout Troop 5 is sponsored by Hope’s First United Methodist Church’s Century Bible Class.

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