Senate Candidate and Army Veteran Jake Bequette Releases Statement On Biden’s State of the Union Speech

Little Rock, AR – In response to Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech and John Boozman’s praise for the failing President, Senate candidate and Army veteran Jake Bequette released the following statement:

“Joe Biden has shown himself to be one of the worst Presidents in American history, and his speech last night only demonstrated that he continues to be hellbent on trying to destroy the very fabric of this country. His total incompetence and socialist agenda have created skyrocketing inflation, a wide open southern border, and a less safe and prosperous America. On the global stage, the dire situation in Ukraine is a direct result of Biden’s weakness in Afghanistan. The fact that my RINO opponent, John Boozman, said that Biden did a ‘good job’ shows just how out of touch he really is. Biden doesn’t deserve our praise for his empty words – he deserves to be held accountable for the disasters that have happened on his watch.”

To read John Boozman’s full statements praising Joe Biden for his speech last night, click here

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