Setting the Stage at Hempstead Hall

The auditorium at Hempstead Hall is being converted into a masterpiece ice arena for the upcoming show Fairytales on Ice. Bridges, boats, moats, costumes and wigs are just a few of the many props that are scattered back stage as the world renowned performers ready for one of their favorite productions of this tour.

The entire cast expressed great excitement to be back in Hope and for the upcoming show. Terry Barr, Show Manager for the National Tour for Fairytales on Ice and comes from a musical theater and figure skating background, said, “I am really excited to combine these two elements of my training so the audience can see figure skating in a way that they normally wouldn’t see by bringing it into a theater and telling a story through the medium of figure skating.”

The crew is working hard to set the scene for Saturday night’s event, styling the platform with beautiful shadowy lights, streamers, and cables in every direction one can see. The group of talented ice skaters and cast members are traveling all over the states on this tour to entertain, but Arkansas is their first stop. Many of the performers traveled with Disney on Ice before leaving Disney to go on tour with ICE Productions. Their skill and ability to connect with their audience is second to none.

Gillian Schetz,one of the headliners who will be portraying Aurora from The Little Mermaid said, “I have been skating all my life, since I was 5, so almost 24 years. I have competed mostly at the local level, I coach when I am at home, and I traveled with Disney on Ice all over the world for three years.” This isn’t her first experience gracing the stage at Hempstead Hall. She was a part of the original cast that performed in 2020. She went on to say, “I am most excited about the change of atmosphere. I am thrilled to be back in the theater and taking my acting skills to a different level, as well as bringing a fresh new show and being a part of the whole creation of it all; it is just very exciting.”

For those who were awed at the first performance of Fairytales on Ice at Hempstead Hall in 2020, be prepared for more of that awesomeness to show up on Saturday night. There will be some special changes this year. Spoilers were few and far between, but rest assured, everyone will want to bear witness to this exhilarating act.

Staff at Hempstead Hall and members of SWAAC are enthusiastic about this particular show as well. “It’s always fun when the ice skaters come to town! Hempstead Hall is such a unique feature for our area and I love partnering this venue with equally creative acts, like Fairytales on Ice. And of course it’s amazing to partner with Southwest Arkansas Arts Council to continue to bring quality and affordable entertainment to the area. We’re absolutely thrilled to host this astronomically brilliant show yet again at Hempstead Hall. Every time ICE productions take our stage, they wow our multi-generational audiences with their skill and showmanship,” Director of Hempstead Hall, Amanda Lance said.

Hempstead Hall will hold a community coffee at their location on the UAHT campus, Wednesday, February 23 from 9:30 to 11 am where the cast of Fairytales on Ice will be present. Come on out, have some snacks, and visit with everyone. To purchase tickets for the show which begins at 6:30 pm on Saturday, click HERE

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