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Shepherds apply here

Courtesy: Daniel Bramlett
There is a rumor going around about preachers. It goes like this: the good preachers are the ones who speak well, make you laugh, tell good stories and offer nuggets of truth that make you feel good. This rumor is enforced by the many sermons floating around on TV, radio and online. There is only one contradiction to this rumor. This is not the way the Bible qualifies the preacher.
I feel the need to write this article in favor of the thousands of faithful pastors that fill our communities who boldly proclaim the Word week in and week out. They are daily serving the Bride of Christ by loving, caring for, speaking wisdom to and gracefully serving the families in their churches. They are working diligently to equip their people for the work of ministry and praying multiple times daily for opportunities for their people to share Christ with the world around them.
The Biblical pastor is bound to one simple truth, the Holy Spirit of God is the only One who knows the hearts of men. If we want to see lives changed, the Biblical preacher will humbly submit his heart to Spirit of God and lead us to His throne. There is only one way to qualify a preacher as God’s man or as a man after a goal other than God’s. Does he willingly submit himself daily to the Spirit of God?
There are other ways to qualify preachers. Do they preach for fame or recognition? Is raising money their first priority? Is their highest goal to build a larger attendance than the previous pastor or the pastor down the street?
Reader, I need you to understand something. The burden the pastor bears, the single burden Jesus has laid on our hearts, is for your soul. We carry the burden of leading you to Jesus and teaching you what it means to follow Jesus in everyday life. That’s it! It is so easy for us to get distracted from that one, single focus. We are constantly tempted to preach to entertain, to gain crowds or to promote ourselves. The Enemy throws those burdens in our face every single week. But we set our faces against these stray paths. We stiffen our backs and strengthen our legs every time the Great Deceiver comes to us with a new way to win your hearts that involves anything other than a passion for Jesus.
Spirit led preaching is easy to spot. He is completely transparent; he’s authentic. He is in the pulpit what he is out of the pulpit. He is not a prophet for profit, but is bold in the proclamation of the whole counsel of God. He will handle the Word well, willingly wading into passages that make most of us cringe. Why? Because he LOVES the Word and he LOVES its Author. The Spirit led preacher knows how ignorant, how empty he is when it comes to the Bible. He longs only to be filled with the knowledge and the passion of Christ.
I want to challenge you to put the rumor of the good pastor down.  Put up the story of the only good God. Because if He be lifted up He will draw all men to Himself! When God showed us Pastors that He divinely shaped us to be Shepherds for His Bride most of us didn’t fully understand what that meant. The idea of ‘calling’ takes a while to sink in. We know now the greatest privilege in our lives is acting as a messenger for the Spirit of God. We don’t always get it right, but we keep trying!
“The saying is trustworthy: If anyone aspires to the office of overseer, he desires a noble task. Therefore an overseer must be above reproach…” (1st Timothy 3:1-2)

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