Sheriff Issues Public Notice Concerning Collection of Old Fines

 Hempstead County Sheriff James Singleton has issued a public notice to let those who owe fines or have past due payments know that the Sheriff’s Office plans to take their State Income Tax Returns.

According to the notice, starting December 15,2019, the Sheriff’s Office will be mailing out about 1500 letters to those with past due payments and old fines to advise them that the Sheriff’s Office intends to collect on them through The Set-Off Debt Collection Act (Arkansas Code Annotated 26-36-301). The Act allows the County to claim the state refunds of identified individuals who owe the state, county, municipalities and other government bodies, local and state, from the Revenue Division of the Department of Finance and Administration.

Sheriff Singleton said that if those who owe want to avoid their state tax refund from being collected to pay on them, he encourages them to pay their old fines immediately.

If you want to speak to someone at the Sheriff’s Office to arrange payment, call 870-777-6727 or come by the Sheriff’s Office at 312 S. Washington in Hope to make your payment.

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