Showing Kindness in the Form of Art

Local Organizations Collaborate to Bring “Kindness Travels” Exhibit Across The State

Hempstead Hall along with many other business and organizations put their heads together and came up with a brilliant idea for a project for the local kids, The “Kindness Travels” Art Installation Exhibit.

“Jason Campbell with Southwest Arkansas Counseling & Mental Health, and also a member of The Arts Council Board brought this project to us. He put together this idea to get local school kids to write letters and draw pictures for the elderly, health care workers and for people who have been affected by Covid-19. He wanted to make this really big visual impact that people could go and visit across the state,” Amanda Lance, Director of Hempstead Hall said.

A pamphlet was taken to schools across Hempstead County that outlined the idea and given to art teachers. The kids then got busy writing hundreds of letters, creating heartfelt cards, drawings and beautiful art to reflect their love and kindness for the people who have been affected by Covid-19.

As the material flowed in, everyone worked together placing each piece of literature on giant panels they hand painted, constructing a charming piece of art that will be officially unveiled at the State Capitol in Little Rock on Monday March 1 at 10 am.

“Governor Hutchinson is going to hold a press conference at noon Monday so he will get to see it. We are excited to show it off to him. It will stay at the capitol all of Monday, then it will start traveling around the state. It will go to the hospitals and nursing homes and the first week in April it will be at Hempstead Hall,” Lance said.

Hempstead Hall is putting together a promotional video about the “Kindness Travels” Art Installation Exhibit so they have been filming all throughout the process and will finish up at the big unveiling on Monday and then they’ll be able to have a video piece that they can share however they want.

“All of us at Hempstead Hall are thrilled to find a new way to partner with our friends in the community to bring an on-going moment of kindness through this art piece. Documenting the journey from concept to unveiling has been rewarding and we are looking for other opportunities to help spotlight organizations throughout Southwest Arkansas,” Lance said.

“The Southwest Arkansas Arts Council strives to bring innovative art concepts to our area. When Jason first presented this idea, we recognized its value and importance for our community.” Lindsey Honea, SWAAC President

“It’s beautiful to see the piece come together. Thank you to all of the area students who contributed art and words of encouragement to our first responders, healthcare professionals and elderly. It will be amazing to see the installation as it moves across the state and I’m excited for the positive impact that will bring.” Jason Campbell, Southwest Arkansas Counseling and Mental Health (project creator).

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