Special big-ticket items span Lions Auction nights

Bidding is a three-day affair for select group

By Rick Kennedy, managing editor
In the three-day world of the annual Hope Lions Club Auction, both a live and silent auction goes on through the span of the event, and larger “big ticket” items are actually open for bidding all three nights with the ultimate winner not known until the final night.
These special “big ticket” items have varied over the years, but have been different with each year, and have contributed to the unique three-day structure that is the Hope Lions Auction.
For the current 2018 affair, furniture from Ivan Smith is among these special offerings. Both a stand-alone wooden cabinet and a solid teal upholstered cloth living room chair highlight the furniture genre, while a custom built heavy duty smoker, courtesy of UAHT and Charlie Scroggins, is also included for bid this year.
An old-fashioned iron “pot belly stove” harkening back to turn of last century is presented courtesy of Western Auto, while another custom-made item known as “Cooler Tunes” by Frankie Ingasol is a fun, cooler/cabinet speaker solution.
Bulk supplies, like three bundles of docking from New Millennium, and lumber from Emmet are also among the three-day items.
There also a number of vacation and entertainment packages that are still up for bid through Saturday.

This unique hand-made speaker cabinet is up for bid at the Lions Auction. (Rick Kennedy photo)
This heavy iron “Pot Belly” stove is presented by Western Auto at the Lions Auction. (Rick Kennedy photo)
This iron smoker was custom-made at UAHT. (Rick Kennedy photo)


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