Spring Hill Bears 2A 8 Man State Football Runner -up

The Spring Hill Bears fought hard in the 2A 8 man State Championship Friday night but, in the end, came up short against Mountain Pine. Although the Bears were missing a few players due to quarantine and injuries, they still played with heart and conviction. Trailing at halftime 30-12, the Bears rallied in the 3rd quarter, closing the the gap 30-26.

Shortly after, Mountain Pine answered with another touchdown and 2 point conversion, resulting in a 38-26 lead. The Bears took over again, but were unable to answer. Mountain Pine went on to score 3 more times during the 4th quarter, holding Spring Hill until the very end of the game, when the Bears scored one last time, bringing the final score to 62-34.

2020 is the first time the Bear’s have been to the State Playoff’s since 2013 and this is their first year of 8 man football. Coach Smith is extremely proud of his team and is already looking forward to next season.

“We have had a great year and are proud of the way our team has handled all the ups and downs of the season. There wasn’t a normal week and the guys just dealt with so many obstacles, it was a great experience preparing them for life. The bond of this team was real and they depended on each other and learned to work as one unit. All the adversity they had made them stronger each week. This team and each individual has been a true blessing to all who watched them play and that’s bigger than any championship they could have won,” Head Coach Greg Smith said about the Spring Hill Bears.

Photos courtesy of Nicki Purifoy

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