Spring Hill School District

Spring Hill Boys’ Jr Track Team Conference Champs

The Junior Boys Track Team at Spring Hill won first place at the district meet with a 42 point margin earning them the 2A Conference Championship. Charles Ford won the Track High Point Award by scoring a near perfect 58 out of 60 points; he won five out of six events and placed second in the other. Other top point winners were TJ Tipton, scoring 31 points by winning first place in the Shot Put and the Discus, and Bryce Brown, scoring 25 total points by earning second place in the 400 Meter Run, second place in the the 110 Hurdles, and fourth place in the 300 Meter Hurdles. Coach Greg Smith expressed great pride in each and every member of the team. Smith said, “Many other young men grades seventh through ninth made huge contributions in winning the championship. We are proud of this team. It has been almost 20 years since Spring Hill has won a Junior High Championship in Track.”  

Since the district meet was the last official meet of the junior high track team, the ninth graders are now eligible to move up to the senior high team just in time for the district high school meet on Monday. Those talented ninth graders moving up will bring an extra edge to the senior high team making this event an exciting meet to watch. The Spring Hill Senior Track Team travels to Gurdon High School on Monday, April 26. Field events start at 1:30, and the races will begin when field events are over. 

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