Spring Hill Homecoming Court Wows on Friday Night at Pre-Game Ceremony

The Queen and her Court took the field before Spring Hill’s Friday night game against Decatur. The maids were walked by fathers and family members as the sun began to set on the field behind the High School. Riley Elledge reigned as Queen. The Court consisted of Senior Maids Karsyn Dean and Tara Reeves, Junior Maids Cally Sullivan and Libby Flowers, Sophomore Maids Reynlee Brown and Ava Purifoy, and Freshmen Maids Kylie Rogers and Livi Tyree. Sashers were Ava McBrier and Anna Kate Flowers. Isabella Lewallen and Alyssa Britton MCed, while Paisley Reed and Easton Britt seemed to enjoy their time as Little Miss and Little Mister Spring Hill, respectively. The former queen was Jessie Vickers.

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