Spring Hill native Wyatt Putman’s newest single “Hello Goodbye” drops Friday

Wyatt Putman’s newest song “Hello Goodbye” will be released Friday!

Wyatt, born and raised in Spring Hill, will be back in the area October 1st for a LIVE show at Crossties. This will be his first show back home. He is so excited about the upcoming event and the release of “Hello Goodbye.” This new song was co-written with Josh Phillips and Justin Weaver, and Wyatt shared with SWARK.Today the inspiration behind it. “I’ve had this song idea for years,” said Wyatt. “It comes from a couple of different heartbreaks I had back home. There are lines in the song that represent exactly what I felt during that time.”

“Hello Goodbye” will be available for pre-order on iTunes and pre-save on Spotify after midnight tonight with the release on Friday. To learn more about Wyatt’s upcoming show and to buy tickets, go to his Facebook page for details. Stay tuned to SWARK.Today to learn more about Wyatt’s song-writing, his path to Nashville, and details about his upcoming show.

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