Spring Hill School District

Spring Hill Offers Weekend Meals For Students

by April Lovette

The Spring Hill School District cafeteria is offering weekend meals for students and members of their household under the age of 18. At the end of the school day on Friday, students or parents can meet cafeteria workers at the designated locations for each school (listed below) and tell them how many children under 18 they have in their household. They will receive breakfast and lunch for the weekend. This is available and free for any student in the district until the end of the school year.

Spring Hill’s Food Services Director, Julie Allison, shared with Swark.Today the district’s motivation behind this program. Allison said, “Once we learned this was a service we could provide for our kids, we really wanted to put this out there… We want the kids to know this is available and free for ALL students and any siblings under 18 in their home.” Spring Hill’s cafeteria also provided take-home meals for students last year from the middle of March until the end of the school year when on-site instruction was cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Specific instructions for how to store and cook the meals will be included. Pick-up locations are as follows:

  • Car line – parents stop at the cafeteria entrance and tell the ladies how many you need; they will hand them to you
  • Bus riders – these students will pick up the meals right before they get on the bus
  • High school students – these students can pick up the meals either in the cafeteria or on the sidewalk going to Mr. Plyler’s Agriculture building
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