Spring Hill Students Battle at the 2020 SWAEC Vlog Competition

Chad Morris

This week, students from our 9 surrounding school districts participated in the 2020 SWAEC Vlog Competition.  Students were charged with creating a vlog on a subject that they chose from a list of topics.  Students then created videos expressing their point of you pertaining to the topic they selected. We had over 17 entries from students ranging from third grade to eighth grade.  This year, The Spring Hill team of Winn Wilson, Violet Bright, and Lorena Altamirano won first place in the 3rd through 5th grade division. Ben Webb from Blevins, won first place in the sixth through eighth grade division.  Ben also received a trophy for being the overall winner for scoring the highest points in the competition.  Congratulations to these awesome students and a big thank you to all of the students that participated in the competition. 

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