Spring Hill students take part in Spelling Bees

Contributed with credit to Garren Woodell, Spring Hill HS
Fourth-to-eighth grade students from Spring Hill schools recently took part in 2 spelling bees, a school spelling bee and the Hempstead County Spelling Bee. The first and second place winners from the school spelling bee went on to the Hempstead County Spelling Bee, which took place at the Southwest Arkansas Cooperative in Hope, AR. The school spelling bee winners were: 4th grade – 1st place Aidan Chambless & 2nd place Trevor Gibson; 5th grade – 1st place Ava McBrayer & 2nd place America Jimenez; 6th grade – 1st place Clay Yocom & 2nd place Scarlet Clark; 7th grade – 1st place Jarett Cox & 2nd place Max Sinyard; 8th grade – 1st place Isabella Lewallen & 2nd place Madison Rogers. Several of these students placed in the Hempstead County bee, as well. Trevor Gibson placed 2nd in the 4th grade. Clay Yocom placed 3rd in the 6th grade. Jarett Cox placed 1st in the 7th grade. For 8th grade, Isabella Lewallen placed 2nd, and Madison Rogers placed 3rd.

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