Students to Use Email Log-in

HOPE – Student log-in information for access to the Lincoln Learning platform to be used in the Hope Public Schools beginning Monday will be delivered to all students via student email.

“We feel the best way to get the log-in information to the students is through their email,” HPS Technology Director Jeff Madlock said. “We plan on sending that information on Friday, Aug. 20.”

Madlock said student password, Lincoln Learning website and Lincoln Learning log-in information has been updated and distributed to each campus for use in the log-in process.

“That is the information the students will use to log-in to their Chromebooks,” he said. “Once they activate their Chromebook, they, then, will have access to their email, where they will receive the Lincoln Learning log-in information.”

Students in kindergarten and first grade at Clinton Primary School will have an automatic log-in when they activate their individual tablet device, which will be distributed to students.

“If a student does not know their email address or password, they should contact their school campus,” Madlock said.

Campus contacts include Casey Schoenberger at CPS; Linda Rowe, Christi Sullivan, or Cathleen Collins at Beryl Henry Elementary; Tequilla Marshall at Yerger Middle School; Marilyn Marks or Lisa Vaughn at Hope Academy of Public Service; and, Christy Hart or Rosalyn Davis at Hope High School.

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