Super 1 Makes Gatorade Donation to HFD

Pictured Left to Right: Andrew Clemons of Super 1, Tim Gregory of HFD, Sonya Hill of Super 1, T.J. Landes of HFD, Assistant Chief Steve Tarpley of HFD and General Manager CJ Johnson of Super 1

Super 1 Foods made a donation of Gatorade to members of the Hope Fire Department on Saturday as part of the store’s work to support local first responders. Assistant Manager Conner Tackett said that this is something they do every year and plan to continue to do.

Members of the Hope Fire Department loaded up in their fire trucks and went to Super 1 Foods Saturday morning to pick up the Gatorade and thank the Super 1 staff for their support and taking time to pose for pictures with some of them.

The donations were very welcome by the firefighters whose job is made more taxing in the summer heat when they have to gear up and respond to fires and wrecks that happen in the community. The heavy, insulated gear protects the firefighters when they have to get up close and personal with flames, which average around 1,100 degrees, in order to protect life and property but when the temperatures outside are hot enough to cause heat stroke on their own, the gear and flames dehydrate and endanger the firefighters very quickly. The donation made by Super 1 will help to keep the men and women going throughout the long summer when people in the community find themselves in need of the firefighters’ help.

Hope Fire Chief Dale Glanton said he and his firefighters are very grateful for the donation and the support that people at Super 1 continue to show them year after year.

Tackett said that supporting their communities’ first responders and military service members has always been a big priority for Brookshire’s and Super 1 Foods. In addition to donations such as the one the Hope store made Saturday, Tackett said they also hold a Hero’s Run in Shreveport each year to raise money to benefit first responders and military service members. Tackett said that this year’s event will be held on Saturday, October 26 and will include a kids’ 1K, a 5K and a 15K race as well as vendors, activities, displays from NASCAR and much more so that those who aren’t up for the run can still show up, have a great time and support those who the community relies on when things are at their worst.

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