Surprise power outage hits Hempstead Hall, Hope

Midday conference, luncheons surprised

By Rick Kennedy, managing editor

UPDATE:: According to an HW&L employee, a downed tree in the 1500 block of South Edgewood was responsible for the sudden power outage on the east and south side of town  this morning.

The crews have cleared the tree and restored power to all customers.


A surprise midday power outage occurred at approximately 11:15 am at Hempstead Hall during an EHC District conference and luncheon, startling 229 conference attendees as well as Hempstead Hall personnel.  As phones calls were made, it was learned that power was out on the entire University of Arkansas at Hope campus.

The Hope City Board also had a scheduled lunch at Hempstead Hall  as well Tuesday, following its annual city facilities tour.

Initial report said that the East substation was down; later reports, indicated at downed tree was responsible.

As it turned out, the power outage lasted only 24 minutes at Hempstead Hall, and both luncheons at the facility occurred on time and without delay or incident.

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