SWAT Students Bring Home Medals

Southwest Arkansas Taekwondo (SWAT) students recently competed in the Sooner State Showdown Tournament in Sapulpa, OK. Students competed in Patterns, Point Sparring, Continuous Sparring, and Board Breaking categories by age and belt rank.

Bringing home medals were the following students:

Trent Hammond- 1st in patterns, 2nd point sparring

Aerilynn Tolar – 1st in patterns, 3rd in point sparring, 1st in continuous sparring, 1st board breaks

Bill Putz- 2nd in patterns, 1st point sparring

Kenny Burns- 3rd point sparring

Amelia Sullivan- 3rd point sparring

Cailey Wilson- 2nd in both patterns & point sparring

Zach Gentry- 1st patterns, 2nd point sparring, 2nd continuous sparring

Daniel Lewis – 2nd point sparring

Owners of Southwest Arkansas Taekwondo are Richard and Katie Gentry. Other instructors include Zach Gentry and Kathy Luce. SWAT has been in operation since 2015 and is located at 1205 South Hervey in Hope.

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