Taekwondo Students Participate in Tournament

Several Southwest Arkansas Taekwondo students participated in the Kicking It in the Valley Taekwondo Tournament in Russellville, AR. Students participating were: Aerilynn Tolar – 2nd in patterns, 2nd in continuous sparring, Jax Haney- 3rd in patterns, 2nd in point sparring, Bill Putz – 2nd in patterns, 1st in sparring, 1st in board breaks, Kenny Burns- 3rd in patterns, Drake Daniels- 2nd in patterns, 3rd in sparring, Alyssa Daniels- 1st in sparring, 2nd in patterns, Trent Hammond – 1st in patterns, 2nd in sparring, Daniel Lewis- 2nd in sparring, 3rd in patterns, Hunter Steward (not pictured), and Marnie Buck. 

Students are under the instruction of Katie Gentry, with Assistant Instructors Zach Gentry, and Kathy Luce. SWAT is located on South Hervey in Hope. 

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