‘America’s Moral Freefall’ part of Tea Party presentation

By Rick Kennedy, updated
During election years, the “Hope for America” Tea Party, which continues to meet and serve as Hempstead County’s localized version of the national Tea Party movement, has always been politically active and strong advocates for conservative candidates and ideals.
In off-election years, the group still meets weekly at Big Jake’s on Thursday nights and hosts a variety of guest speakers, video presentations, and provides fellowship and a forum for local political conservatives.

Next week, Thursday, March 28, starting at 7 p.m., the Tea Party will continue its tradition with a recorded presentation by Dr. Francis Schaeffer whose topic is “America’s Moral Freefall,” according to the Barbara Cox, one of the Hope for America Tea Party co-founders and continuing as chairperson.
In a Tuesday statement this week, Cox said Scheaffer’s “America’s Moral Freefall will give us insight into many circumstances that we presently face. All who are interested are welcome to come and join us for this meeting.”

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