The Avengers Assemble at Hempstead Hall

Saturday, October 26th, Hempstead Hall at UAHT was a popular place for the people of Hope, AR. Hempstead Hall sold many tickets for the special event this weekend, showing the action packed films Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame.

As families and individuals came to enjoy the cinematic experience, a meet and greet was held to let people take photos with their favorite Marvel Superheroes. UAHT and Hempstead Hall staff members and students dressed up in extravagant costumes impersonating the characters from the films being shown at the theater. Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Thor, Spider Man and many more hero impersonators were present welcoming everyone to the event.

This Saturday, November 3, 2019 they will be showing Aladdin at 2 pm. Hempstead Hall often plays a variety of great family films and invites anyone to come enjoy a local, fun filled experience with movie popcorn, candy, drinks and more from their concession stand. Keep track of upcoming film showings, plays, events and performances by visiting their Facebook page and website for more information like purchasing tickets.

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