The Collinsworth ‘variety show’ wows Hempstead Hall fans

By Rick Kennedy, managing editor
A vocal crowd of over 600 at Hempstead Hall were wowed by the musical talents — singing and otherwise — of the Collingsworth Family last Friday night, the first big concert event of year in Hope.
Although promoted as a Christian gospel group, in line with the likes of names like the Booth Brothers and Greater Vision, the reality of the Collinsworth Family’s amazing show on Friday was much more well-rounded, harkening back to old time television musical variety shows like Lawrence Welk.
The opening song of the concert was America the Beautiful, sung to a standing ovation, while the second song was a piano solo by Kim Collinsworth, showing off her musical prodigy pedigree.
The evening’s third song was a Christian song, followed by their catchy and upbeat Christian hit, Mercy and Love, and then, Kim Collinsworth was back again with Magnified.
Kim Collinsworth wasn’t the only talented one on stage as a trio of beautiful and talented daughters provided strong performances in their own right. The two oldest daughters, Brooklyn and Courtney, played violin and fiddle solos, while youngest daughter, Olivia, played acoustic guitar.
Phil Collinsworth, the patriarch of the group and co-founder, did the master of ceremonies duties on stage as well as demonstrate his skill playing the trumpet. The “quiet one” of the bunch proved to be Phillip, the second guy up on the stage Friday, who was mostly a background singer, complimented the others on stage.
Courtney also had a stirring solo with “Your ways are higher than mine,” then out of the blue, there was another stunning piano solo by Kim; this time a 10-minute rendition of Carol of the Bells, and after an appropriate singing of a song called, “It runs in the family,” there was Kim, Brooklyn and Courtney all teaming on an instrumental version of “Ole to Joy.
After a 15-minute intermission, Phil Collingsworth had solicited a “request list” from the very engaged crowd, to which he responded “We’re supposed to be in Houston tomorrow night, but with this great list, it looks like we’ll be still playing here in Hope,” he said to standing applause.
The finale of the show included several of the audience requests as well as a sing along version of “Amazing Grace.” The two-and-a-half hour ended with another Kim Collinsworth piano solo, and then a second singing of the catchy “Mercy and Love.”

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