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The value of a life

by Daniel Bramlett

This is not a political column. The idea behind this article is for us to deal with the stuff the world gives us in a faithful, God-honoring way. I have no desire to pick sides, plead for votes or promote candidates. I do have a deep desire to help the Church think through the issues we face on a daily basis. Sometimes that’s straightforward issues we all face like grief and grace. Other times, the topics become more complicated. This issue today is one of those things. 

Sometimes I think our politicians act as if they are the only ones on earth and their decisions affect no one but them. Last year the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade. Agree or disagree, this was a watershed decision. One thing is for sure, it promises more babies in our future. I happen to believe that is a good, God-mandated thing. I argued last year for the Church to begin to see the need for foster and adopt homes to appear on the horizon. Many of these babies will need homes to grow up in. I also argued for counseling for the moms who will be grappling with much larger issues than they’ve experienced in the past. Now that the law in many states is expecting parents to grow up and care for the children they make, maybe one night stands will not happen so easily; so quickly. Maybe contraceptives won’t be the best solution for a sex drive that resembles a Mack truck. Again, any way you turn it, we are going to have more kids running around here than we do now.

The issue now is politicians are acting outside of reason to accomplish their ends. Up until now ladies up to ten weeks pregnant could be prescribed a pill that would abort their babies. Until now there has been a law in place that prohibited the mailing of abortion drugs. That law is now being lifted. The law was in place for a reason. These are dangerous drugs. An abortion is something no woman should ever have to face, but if she does, she should not have to do it alone. As I said, this is not something I advocate at all. But this creates a whole new issue for us to deal with. The new rules allow for women in states with abortion bans to travel across state lines, provide any address they like and receive the medicine as easily as Covid medication can be obtained now. 

Here’s my rub. No matter what side you come down on this issue, abortion is traumatic. You may say it’s the mother’s right. I disagree. I see the baby as a full-blown human life. But, either way, it’s a hugely emotional thing for a mother to give up her child. Now she will be able to walk that dark road all by herself in the privacy of her own bathroom with zero support. This is not a good thing. What happens if there are complications? Very few women will walk this road without any emotional trauma. How will they process this trauma? Where will they get help? Who will advocate for them? China shows us the logical end for this kind of law. Children are abandoned all the time in China (and many other countries around the world). They are considered worthless, especially if any disability is present. The devaluing of life is a sign a society is falling apart. This is not a progressive step forward. It’s not even a step backward. It is a leap off of a cliff.

Did you know that physician-assisted suicide is legal in ten states in our Union? In ten places around our country, if you have a terminal illness with less than six months to live, it is legal in these places to receive medication that will kill you. This is not progressive thinking. The logical end for this kind of thinking is medically assisted death for anyone who doesn’t want to live. You think I’m exaggerating? Look at Canada. It has some of the loosest rules  in the world for medically assisted suicide. As of the last couple of years Canadians struggling with all types of disabilities can receive suicide medication from their physicians. The law describes the terms this way: the applicant must “have enduring and intolerable physical or psychological suffering that cannot be alleviated under conditions the person considers acceptable.” Do you realize how loose that is? Do you see how that can be abused? 

Life is a gift from God. We are promised that our physical existence will deteriorate. We are going downhill. I’m sure that’s not a disappointing statement. Anyone who’s lived for more than 18 years can attest to its validity. But we also know there is more to this life than meets the eye. Anyone who accepts God’s invitation to life with Him experiences what Jesus calls “abundant life.” This comes with the promise of restored life forever with God in Heaven. This promise can be substantiated by millions throughout the centuries who’ve shared their stories. Peace is not an unobtainable thing. God gives it freely. Life is not an exchangeable currency. It can’t be traded in, rebooted in another world or taken at face value. Its value is inestimable! 

I challenge you to consider how and why you value your life and the lives of those around you. If you struggle with these issues, go to the One who created the boundaries to begin with. Don’t call Washington or argue with me. Take your questions to your Maker. He is the only place you can find physical, real, tangible peace. That’s a reality you’ll never be able to get in the mail or from a prescription.

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