Thelma H. Johnson

Nashville, AR

Mrs. Thelma H. Johnson was born October 31, 1935, to Mr. Earnest Thrower and Mrs. Eugenia Thrower in Holly Springs, Arkansas. She grew up in Murfreesboro, Arkansas, with her siblings Erma Thrower, Jay Hugh Thrower, Earnestine Thrower, Lorene Thrower, Edward Thrower, Lloyd Thrower, and Savannah Thrower.  Ms. Thelma Johnson was the eldest of her eight siblings. As a teenager, Mrs. Thelma went to work as a provider for her family and did not graduate from high school.

Mrs. Thelma Johnson was married to Mr. Iria Johnson.  The couple moved to Dierks, Arkansas.  Mrs. Thelma Johnson was a stay at home Mom taking care of her family.  Once she became a Widow, she immediately went work to put food on the table, clothe her children, and maintain a roof over her family.  While working and being a provider for her family, she ensured her children attended school and graduated from high school.  She was a stronger believer in God, Our Saviour, Family, education, and cooking.  Ms. Thelma Johnson did not allow her children to miss one day of school unless they were ill.  Mrs. Thelma Johnson believed in education so much that she went back to school to get her High School Diploma.  She continued to work and be the provider for her family until her retirement from Weyerhaeuser located in Dierks, Arkansas.

Once she gained employment at Weyerhaeuser, Mrs. Thelma Johnson was a believer in being a homeowner.  She bought her land in Nashville, Arkansas.  She contracted to build her home from the ground up.  Mrs. Thelma Johnson moved her family from Dierks, Arkansas to Nashville, Arkansas.  At Nashville, Arkansas, she continued to work at Weyerhaeuser while ensuring all eight of her children continued their education and graduated from High School.

Mrs. Thelma Johnson continued to work at Weyerhaeuser until she retired.

Whereas, faithfully attended God’s most urgent admonition to follow in the footsteps of the righteous, seek justice in all circumstances, and care for the least among us as if they were the dearest.  She was an active member of New Light C.M.E. Church community for years and freely gave of her time and energy as a lay person and a faithful member of the congregation.  Whereas, in service, as she shared her cooking and baking skills with church members and members of her community more than willingly regardless of time and cost.  She shared with a bright, steady spirit and a cheerful heart.  She embraced and loved the members of her family, church, and embraced the members of her community.

Mrs. Thelma Heneretta is survived by her children, Velma Jean Clardy, Ivory Johnson, Jr., Julia Johnson, Cavoice Johnson, Jeanette Johnson, Delores (Chester) May, Johnny (Monetta) Johnson, Nadine Johnson; siblings, Erma Thrower Lewis, Edward Thrower and Savannah Thrower; a host of grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great, great, grandchildren; and a special friend, Rev. V. Easter.

Mrs. Johnson will lie in state one hour prior to funeral service. Funeral service will be 11 am Wednesday, May 22, 2019 at New Light CME Church, 1301 S. Mill Street, Nashville, AR.  Burial will be at St. John Cemetery, 148 Jordan Road, Nashville.  Arrangements entrusted to Hicks Funeral Home, Inc.

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