Daily Devotionals


Toby Bane


1. All of us live our lives by some code, plan or Philosophy!

[1] When we were saved, our plans and philosophies were to be changed for we were New Creatures. [2 Cor 5:17] [2] We are to have a Transformed Mind, so we are to love a New Way as New Creatures. [Rom 12:1-2]

2. This difference can be easily seen in the Early Church [Acts] [1] They went from Existing to Living—self to others.

[2] From taking to giving, coldness to compassion.

3. This one passage of Scripture shows us the Three Major Philosophies of Life—and gives each of us a choice.

[1] The World’s Philosophy is shown by the Thieves/Robbers.

[2] The Religion Philosophy is shown by the Priest/Levite

[3] The Christian Philosophy shown by the Smaratian.

4. You should be able to find yourself in this message—Look Closely and see where your philosophy is located.


“What’s yours is mine, and I will get it any way I can”

1. The World’s Motto: Get all you can, can all you get, sit on the can and poison the rest.

2. The World’s Method: Empty Promises, Certain Problems.

[1] It promises Riches and Gives you Rags.

[2] It Promises Happiness and give you Horrors.

[3] It Promises Millions and gives you Pennies.

[4] It Promises you Peace and gives you Pain.

[5] It Promises you Heaven and gives you Hell.

3. The World’s Message: If it feels good do it!

[1] All lies—believed by so-called intelligent people.

[2] All lies—broadcast over the airways in shining lights.

[3] All lies—told by biggest stars, brightest people peddling the darkest sin to a generation of young people.

[4] All lies—never dare show you the finished product.


“What’s mine is mine and I will keep it any way I can.”

1. Religion is now big business with big budgets and bigger overhead, with big wheels and bigger egos.

[1] See the churches in Mexico and beggars outside.

[2] Religion takes from its people, give nothing back.

[3] Dress up, get on TV, smile, lie and take millions from poor people all over the land.

2. Religion’s Method:

[1] Activity with no compassion.

[2] Defense of Beliefs, no spreading them to others.

[3] Manufactured crisis, No Faith!

[4] Famous Names, Big Reputations, NO Servants.

3. Religion’s Message:

[1] Do as I say not as I do—and give so I don’t have to do.

[2] Clean yourself up, get a job, then come to our Church.

[3] What can you do for us, not what can we do for you.


What’s mine is yours and you can have it if you need it.”

1. It is far more blessed to give than to receive.

2. The Christian Method: [I Cor 13:1-3] [1] Deeds done from the heart out of Real Love.

[2] Deeds done by the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

[3] Deeds done for enemies as quickly as for friends, and done willingly and cheerfully.

3. The Christian Message: We have decided to Follow Jesus1

[1] We will come where you are—give you what you need— accept you as you are—Jesus loves so do we.

[2] We’ll love you and forgive you as our Heavenly Father loves and forgives us.

[3] We will encourage you and Edify you and pray for you.

CONCLUSION: It’s your life, decide how you will live it!

1. I know many whose soul is saved but life is wasted.

[1] The One Who saved your soul needs your life also.

[2] Truly you are not your own—you were bought with a price.

2. What a joy to see a saved soul have a serving life.

[1] That person has found the secret of happiness.

[2] If you can’t have what you want, then want what you have.

 Let’s take it by the numbers here—Are you saved? Are you sure of it? Did it make a change in your life? Is that change still present today? If not, why not?

 If ever Christian would adopt this philosophy of life, there would be no problems in our service and services for Christ.

Churches would flourish and grow.

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