Time Capsule/Passport extended to New Year’s Eve

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You still have time to put your own “Letter to the Future” in for the Hempstead County Bicentennial Time Capsule and complete your Bicentennial Passport by Monday, December 31, which is also New Year’s Eve. To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the formation of Hempstead County, Arkansas, the Hempstead County Bicentennial Committee is offering an opportunity for you to send a one page “Letter to the Future” on a provided form. These will be placed in the Time Capsule for future generations to see fifty years from now in 2068 and look back on what Hempstead County life was like in the year 2018. The standard letter form can be downloaded online at HYPERLINK “” or picked up at the Hope-Hempstead County Chamber of Commerce. Each community in the county is also being asked to donate some artifacts or items representing their communities that will also go in the time capsule. Contact your local mayor for more information.
Passports can be picked up at Hope-Hempstead County Chamber of Commerce. When a passport is completed a commemorative bicentennial token will be provided as an award for visiting all 20 locations around Hempstead County. Act now to take advantage of these special opportunities.
The Hempstead County Bicentennial Committee seeks to promote events and celebrations around this significant year for Hempstead County.

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