Tourism Board Discusses Paul Klipsch Celebration, Advertisement, More

The Tourism Board met Thursday night to go over an agenda that included reviewing the revenue and expenses from November and December, updating permits and payments, a Paul Klipsch birthday celebration, advertising, interstate mowing, an update on the batting cages and ballfield lights, Christmas decorations, a change to the meeting date, and the 2022 Tourism budget.

It was determined by the board that those businesses behind on their permits and payments would receive a certified letter from the board. Companies two months behind included Cilla’s Cookie Company, El Agaves, Hebrews 11:1, and Little Caesars. Wadley was three months behind, and Tamales Rosy was five.

Beckie Moore will be throwing a celebration honoring the birthday of Paul Klipsch. The celebration will be March 9-12. The board decided to help sponsor the event, pledging $5,000.

It was decided that the board would continue its advertising campaign with CJRW out of Little Rock, including the Arkansas Tourism Travel Guide and banner ads that will run on the Arkansas Tourism website.

The board is also renewing its contract with Pro Cut Lawn service to mow and clean up trash on the I-30 exits.

Bids have been received on the ballfields and lights. The board asked for clarification on them, but the bids will go before the city board sometime in the next weeks.

Christmas decorations for the city are being purchased in advance for next year. An annual 33% off sale is underway and the order will be placed by the end of February.

The board decided to move their regular meeting to the second Tuesday of every month. It will be at 5:00 p.m. at the Fair Park Community Center.

The budget committee will meet next week to discuss the 2022 budget.

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