Trailer Malfunction Contributes to Car Crash with Log Truck

An equipment malfunction contributed to a crash between a log truck and a passenger vehicle Monday that resulted in a Texas man being flown to the hospital.

According to law enforcement, right around dawn Monday morning, Johnny Kinsey, of Saratoga, was pulling his log truck out of his driveway heading south on Highway 355 in Howard County, just north of Saratoga. Kinsey reported that once he entered the highway, he realized the brakes on his trailer were locked up. With the trailer blocking the highway, Kinsey attempted to push the trailer backwards back onto his property. While attempting to clear his truck and trailer from the roadway, a Toyota Corolla, driven by James Dickison, approached from the south and crashed into Kinsey’s trailer.

Responders were dispatched and told Dickison was entrapped and unconscious in his car and the car was under the log truck. It was unclear initially if the crash was on the Hempstead or Howard County side of the line so first responders, deputies and State Troopers from both counties responded.

First responders from Yancey, Saratoga and County Line fire departments arrived on scene and assessed Diskison’s condition. The firefighters cut the roof off of Dickison’s Corolla and removed the door to make getting to him and getting him out possible. 

First responders assisted the ambulance crew from Pafford’s Nashville station to get Dickison onto a cot and into the ambulance. A helicopter from LifeNet out of Texarkana landed in a yard at the scene and the air crew joined Pafford’s medic in the ambulance to assist in treatment and preparation for transfer to the helicopter. Dickinson was loaded onto the helicopter and flown to Christus Saint Michael Health System in Texarkana.

Trooper Darren Henley, who investigated the crash, did administer a blood alcohol test (BAC) to Kinsey on scene which apparently showed Kinsey was not intoxicated at the time of the crash. No citations were issued at the scene.

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