Troop 5 Honors Native Veteran Elmer Smith

Pictured are L to R: Kody O’Brien, Hunter Mathis, Teena Smith, Josh Henley,
Mary Martinez, D’Aunna Golden, Jacia Hicks, Emma Wright, Sterling Sawyer,
Donnie Golden, Drake Golden, Ed Flagg, Cody Golden.

Troop 5 recently honored Hope Army veteran Elmer Smith by properly folding his US burial flag in a new display case made to also hold his medals and insignia. An added bonus included a special US flag that was flown over Washington, DC dedicated to Mr. Smith’s service. The US flag was placed in its own display case after the Scouts properly folded it.

Jeremy Dillard, son of Sandra Patterson, works in the US Department of
Veteran’s Affairs in the Capitol and arranged for Senator Tom Cotton to
sponsor the dedication.

Teena Smith, Mr. Smith’s daughter, met with Troop 5 where they presented the flags and cases to her at the Golden Circle at the Harlan Scout Center.

Troop 5 is sponsored by the Century Bible Class of Hope’s First United
Methodist Church.

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