Two Injured, Brief Traffic Headaches in I-30 Crashes

I-30 in Hempstead County had disruptions briefly going both ways around 3 p.m. Tuesday afternoon as law enforcement and responders were notified of crashes on I-30 almost simultaneously in Fulton and Hope during rainy conditions.

I-30 West near Hope was reduced to one lane temporarily after a trailer overturned, blocking one of the lanes. At the same time, a crash on I-30 East in Fulton blocked the eastbound briefly.

No injuries were reported in the trailer turnover but the two women  whose car crashed into a tree along I-30 East in Fulton were transported to the hospital.

Sheila Outlaw-Young, of Duncanville, TX, and her passenger were traveling east at the 18 mile marker of I-30 just after 3 p.m. when the Chevrolet Malibu they rented slid off the highway. Outlaw-Young said she thought she blew a tire but wasn’t sure they didn’t hydroplane in the wet conditions. The Malibu slid sideways off of the interstate and straightened out just in time to crash head-on into a tree between the interstate and the exit.

Arkansas State Police, Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office, Fulton Fire Department and Pafford EMS responded to the scene. Traffic was pushed to the inside lane until Outlaw-Young and her passenger were loaded into the ambulance and transported from the scene. Emergency vehicles then moved to the exit ramp until they cleared the scene, clearing both eastbound lanes for traffic.

Outlaw-Young and her passenger were transported to Wadley Regional Medical Center in Hope.

Trooper Darren Henley investigated the crash.

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