Tyson Employee Injured in Rollover While Returning to Work

Photo by Mark Ross

A Tyson employee was injured after he lost control of his car, ran off the highway and rolled several times while attempting to return to work late Wednesday afternoon.

Sebastian Mabry of Atlanta, TX was traveling north on Highway 32 N at Oakhaven when he reportedly lost consciousness and failed to negotiate the 90° curve at the intersection of Hempstead 23. Mabry’s Chrysler 300 left the roadway, narrowly missing a power pole. The car traveled on two wheels for about 40 yards before skidding sideways and hitting the embankment of Hempstead 278. The Chrysler then went air-born, clearing the road before landing hard on the passenger side and rolling through the brush and trees west of the road which leads to Klipsch and Tyson. The car struck a tree on the rear driver side and came to a stop on its roof.

Hempstead County Sheriff’s Deputies, Hope Fire Department, Pafford EMS and Arkansas State Police were dispatched to the crash. When they arrived on scene, they reportedly found Mabry trapped in the car and seemingly unaware of what happened. Once firefighters cleared the way for him to exit the vehicle, Mabry was resistant to efforts to get him out. He was finally able to get out and was helped to the waiting ambulance. He was transported by ground to the hospital.

Mabry was cited for careless and prohibited driving, driving on suspended driver’s license and could be facing further charges as the investigation into the crash progresses. Trooper Darren Henley is investigating the crash.

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