Tyson Feed Mill Project Now Underway

The beginning stages of the new Tyson Feed Mill on Highway 195 between Fulton and Washington is now underway. Contractors began moving equipment in last week and dirt work started this morning for the 65-million-dollar project, with hopes to have the mill up and operational within 14 months.

Contractors from QuickSand were on hand this morning and could be seen working hard to prepare the staging area for their temporary offices and housing. Once that is complete, they will move to the next phase of site preparation for the feed mill and rail spurs.

According to the project managers, the dirt work will take about three to four months to complete, then additional contractors will come in to begin work on concrete and silos. Around 250 personnel will be employed, with local resources being utilized when applicable.

This facility will replace both Hope and Nashville feed mills and employee around 50 individuals in addition to 130-150 trucks to distribute feed throughout the region. Sitting on 325 acres, the facility will take advantage of the adjacent of the Kiamichi Railroad by receiving up to 125 shipments of raw resources each week via rail car.  

Economic Development Director, Steve Harris, is very positive about Tyson’s investment in Hempstead County, “It is great news that they will invest 65 million dollars to build a new regional feed mill in Hempstead County,” Harris said, “We are really happy about Tyson reinvesting in our community and keeping everything current and up to date at their facilities. This secures Tyson’s future and it is a huge impact to preserve what we have and grow in the future,” he added.

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