UAMS Officer Involved Shooting Under State Police Investigation

A 39-year-old Little Rock man was shot and critically wounded this morning by a University of Arkansas Medical Sciences (UAMS) police officer. Tyrone Washington reportedly had attempted to drive away in a stolen truck that had been parked near the UAMS emergency department about 2:45 AM.

UAMS authorities contacted the Arkansas State Police Criminal Investigation Division requesting special agents conduct an investigation into the use of deadly force by a law enforcement officer.

According to UAMS police, one of their officers had blocked Shuffield Drive to prevent the truck from leaving the hospital campus. An officer approached Washington, who was seated as the driver of the truck and requested he stop the truck engine. Washington refused to comply leading the officer to reach inside the truck cab in an attempt to gain access to the vehicle ignition switch. With the officer’s arm inside the cab, Washington accelerated the truck causing the officer to be dragged a short distance before he was able to free himself from the moving vehicle.

As the officer began to fall from the truck, a second UAMS officer fired a service weapon at the driver, wounding Washington, who was then transported back to UAMS where he is being treated.

The officer who fell from the truck was also treated at UAMS for minor abrasions and bruises. The officer was later released.

State police CID special agents assigned to the case are preparing an investigative file that will be turned-over to the 6th Judicial District prosecuting attorney who will determine whether the use of deadly force by a law enforcement officer was consistent with Arkansas laws.

Questions relating to the identity of the UAMS police officers involved in the incident or their current administrative status should be directed to the UAMS public affairs personnel.

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