Hempstead County Holds Drive-Thru Testing Center for COVID-19

Hempstead County experienced its first drive thru testing site today as many local healthcare workers took precautions while assisting those in the community who came to be tested.

Hempstead County Health Care Official, Dr. Dale Goins, was on scene fellow to aid healthcare members perform the tests in the safest way possible.

Goins seemed pleased with today’s operation, saying, “Everything went smoothly overall. The turnout was lower than we assumed it to be, more than likely due to the rain. As far as procedures, they all went well,” said Goins. “We have no close estimate of how many tests were performed, but somewhere under the 300 mark would probably be accurate. There was a continuous flow of people throughout the entirety of the testing period,” he added.

Goins shared that he has never experienced anything quite like this before. He has dealt with many other major situations, but compared to this pandemic, “it doesn’t come close.”

“More positive cases will become known within the next few weeks,” stated Goins. “I advise everyone to continue following the guidelines set forth by the governor and keep practicing social distancing to minimize the risk of the spread.”

Click HERE to view the guidelines.

In order to protect the privacy of individuals being tested, ensure the safety of our team and in an effort to abide by the COVID-19 guidelines put into place by our Governor, no photos of this event were taken.

To keep track of all the COVID-19 cases in the State of Arkansas click HERE

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