Updates and Discussions Dominate Prescott Council Meeting

Prescott City Council met Monday night to deal with the city’s October business. With little on the agenda and Economic Development not making a planned appearance, the Council spent most of their time discussing an ordinance that would make the City Attorney position an appointed position rather than an elected position and how to get the citizens of Prescott to buy in to the attempts the city has made to clean the town up.

Once initial business of approving minutes and financials were done, Prescott Police Chief Joey Beavers introduced the City Council to Prescott’s new School Resource Officer, Officer Keith Purifoy. Beavers said Purifoy has been in law enforcement for 4 years and previously worked in Clark County.

City Attorney Glenn Vasser gave the Council an update on the legal status concerning the city’s attempt to get out of its electrical contract and retransmission fees that have been incurred. Vasser said there is a motion by SWEPCO to dismiss the case in Federal Court and it will be good for the city if the court doesn’t rule on it because it would allow the issue to go to trial. Vasser also told the Council that they are awaiting a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission decision.

During the meeting, the Council also heard from Chamber off Commerce Director Jamie Hillery. Hillery told the Council that the Fall Festival was a huge success, She said that the turnout from the community was higher that they hoped it would be and the weather was perfect everyone who attended. Hillery told the Council there are several upcoming Chamber events on the schedule in Prescott including the 2nd annual Mingle and Jingle, which will be held November 7-8, giving local businesses the opportunity to showcase what they have available leading up to Christmas. Hillery said there are also a couple of Halloween events. The Trick-or-Treat on Elm and Halloween Costume Contest are both scheduled for Halloween day.

Sale of Property to Church

As far as official business went, the Council was informed that a half-acre piece of city-owned property which Park Baptist Church had previously expressed interest in purchasing had recently been appraised by two different appraisers for $9,690. The Council discussed the sale briefly before voting to sell the church the property for the appraised value.

City Attorney Ordinance
City Attorney Glenn Vasser returned to this month’s meeting with an ordinance he was asked to draw up during the September meeting which would make the City Attorney position an appointed position, rather than elected position.

Though City Attorney is an elected position, there has apparently not been a candidate run for the position in 40 years. Instead, the position has been appointed, since it is a necessary position for the city.

The Council discussed the issue and looked like they might take action on it when Council member Jerry Hightower expressed his concern with taking the power away from the citizens of Prescott. City Attorney Vasser said that it would be taking the power away from anyone who might decide to run for the position.

The Council finally decided to take no action on the ordinance and let it die on the table.

City Clean-up
Councilman Howard Austin brought up a concern he had about many citizens of Prescott not appearing to get behind effort to clean up the city. Austin said it saddens him that so many aren’t taking pride in their town. After extensive discussion about how to get the citizens to buy in to what the city is trying to do, the Council decided to plan a Town Hall meeting. A committee was formed with members Howard Austin, Ivory Curry and Patricia Roberts participating. The committee will make plans and set a date for the meeting.

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